Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Action
Ctrl ⇧ a Toggle advanced mode toolbar
Ctrl = Zoom in
Ctrl - Zoom out
Ctrl i Choose a video to import frames for annotation
Ctrl u Choose a directory to load images from
Ctrl r Change the default annotation directory
Ctrl s Save
Crtl d Duplicate the selected label and bounding box
Ctrl t Open machine learning interface
space Flag the current image as verified
w Create a new bounding box
d Next image
a Previous Image
delete Delete the selected bounding box
↑→↓← Move the selected bounding box

Annotating Images

Importing Video Frames

On the BEAGLES menu bar use File Import Video Frames or press Ctrl i.


This will import video frames to data/rawframes/test/ using ffmpeg.

Training a Model

Machine Learning Dialog


About to train a YOLOv2 model.

Monitoring Progress

On the BEAGLES menu bar use Machine Learning Visualize Model. This will open TensorBoard in the default web browser for your system.


Or just navigate to: http://localhost:6006


Tiled Captures with OBS

  1. Add camera sources to the scene

  2. Calculate the number of tiles \(T\)

    \[T=\left\lceil \sqrt{N} \right\rceil^{2}; N = \text{number of cameras}\]
  3. Use the Transform menu item to adjust the height and width of each source \(D_{source}\)

    \[D_{source} = \frac{D_{total}}{\sqrt{T}}; D_{total} = \text{total record height or width}\]